Morning Funnies: 2013 Oscars Edition

By Elizabeth Thompson

Just everything last night was groan. Groan x Eyeroll to the make-it-stop degree. [TheClearlyDope]

Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way to accept her Oscar ...

Hugh Jackman tried to help but was too late... [Vulture]

J-Law's post-win Oscars interview is so good. Can everyone do shots before talking to the press and have their interviews be like this from now on?

The Chicago number was so weird. It made our stomachs hurt. [DailyDot]

Like us, Jack Nicholson had no idea what was going on last night.
P.S. How can he see anything? His sunglasses get more and more insane every year. We're just a few years out from him wearing those giant glasses people have to wear after cataract surgery. [Digg]

The most awkward red carpet moment was when Catherine Zeta Jones wanted to do the mani cam but got denied by Ryan Seacrest. [Buzzfeed]

Scratch that, most-awkward red carpet moment goes to Jamie Foxx hitting on Kelly Rowland in front of his daughter.

Sandra Bullock made this face. [Digg]

Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd took this photo. [LaughterKey]

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe took this photo. [Reddit]

Kyle MacLachlan wins Best Photobomb of the Night. [Nerdist]

Jeremy Renner checked out Chris Pine's butt on the red carpet. [thatoneraccoonfur]

Quvenzhané Wallis being the cutest. [Buzzfeed]

Also, we're obsessed Quvenzhané Wallis' puppy purse! (It's an old favorite of hers.)

Big, big night for long luscious locks on dudes... [JuliaSegal]

Make out, make out! [MrGoLightly]

Next year, Leo, next year. [LaughterKey]

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