More Photos From Our Art Issue Cover Shoot with Miranda July + Scenes from the Opening of Her "It Chooses You" Store at Partners & Spade

Miranda July's new book, It Chooses You, features a compilation of interviews the artist and filmmaker did with people selling items in the PennySaver. July, who appears on the cover of our November art issue, had hit a wall writing the screenplay for her latest film, The Future, and, with a photographer in tow, she took a break from writing to interview the people who had placed these ads. The outcome is at times very funny and very sad, as she visits everyone from the late Joe Putterlik, a retired house painter with a massive Christmas card collection (who ended up with a small role in The Future ),to a woman with a small zoo on her property who insists July and her photographer eat fruit salad with her before they go, to a man going through a sex change. July has a new exhibit/store at Partners & Spade inspired by It Choose You, which opened last night, and features items for sale that she purchased from New York's classifieds, also interviewing their sellers. All the items are being resold at their original asking price, plus tax. (Putterlik's Christmas cards are also on display but not for sale.) Check out our photos from the store's opening last night by Atisha Paulson as well as these extra photos and outtakes by Dan Monick from our photo shoot with July.

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