Everyone in L.A. knows that when you get an invitation to a Wolvesmouth dinner, YOU GO! Craig Thornton has been become synonymous with dining experiences that are as dramatic on the palate as they are on the eyes. His bold mix of flavors, colors and textures are expressed in ever considered detail (the duck delicata with squash soup, brown butter, yuzu, caramelized onion, hazelnut & kale was BEYOND).

So when we decided to host a Friendsgiving in L.A. with the new Google Pixel 2 phone, we immediately knew that we wanted to include Craig. The entire Silverlake location was transformed into an autumnal woodland complete with dramatic lighting that set the stage for amazing photographs. David Ma, food artist and film director, was on hand to help our guests capture all of the titillating food porn with the new phone. And with unlimited storage, there were endless possibilities for our guests' photographic odysseys. Check out all the food, the fun and the photos in our gallery below. #teampixel

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And for even more amazing insights, check out our video shot entirely on Pixel 2.

Our Friendsgiving Dinner with Pixel 2

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