More Macabre Mysteries: Midsomer Murders Set 13 On DVD!

Out on DVD this week is a wonderful box set of macabre mysteries: Midsomer Murders Set 13. In Midsomer Murders, one of my favorite British mystery series, murders seem to happen at an alarming rate in seemingly bucolic charming English villages. The show stars the masterful John Nettles as the irascible Inspector Tom Barnaby and Jason Hughes, who was settled nicely into the role of Detective Sergeant Ben Jones. The episode Dance With The Dead begins with the macabre asphyxiation of a young man in a vintage car and a desperate search for the girlfriend. The Animal Within is about a niece (long thought to be dead) who shows up at the door of her uncle’s estate only to find him strangely missing. King’s Crystal takes place at a glassworks factory where sibling rivalry leads to murder. The Axman Cometh is about the return engagement of an aging rock band at a local festival and a killer who seems to be picking the band members off one at a time. This episode shows a funny side of Barnaby (who was a fan of the band) especially when he encounters one of them in a local pub and he turns out to be a boorish creep. Just wonderful fun.... it always depresses me when I finish them because I only want to watch more.

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