Month Two for Mr. Mickey's Foray into Veganism

So Mr. Mickey is on month two of being a vegan and knows all you animal lovers and health food nuts are dying for an update! MM has been going crazy at Whole Foods buying things like these vegan City Girl Country Girl cookies (and calling them Shitty Girl Cunty Girl!) as well as all kinds of soy protein treats like soy baby back ribs and tofu chicken tenders. The good news is MM feels great and strangely doesn't even miss eating most foods like cake and cookies. MM does however miss eggs and is a bit nervous about his trip to Paris next month, to say nothing of his jaunt to Belgrade in April. Les Francais just j'adore a little rabbit smothered in butter! Still, where there's a will there's a gay, and MM will struggle through somehow!!! MM has commited to six months of veganism and we'll do a review at that point to figure out if it will become a lifetime commitment or MM will slip back to cruelty-free vegetarianism! Isn't this fascinating!!!!?

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