Monogem's New Music Video: Electropop and Breakin'

by Max Kessler

A project created by Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Jen Hirsh, Monogem makes disco and funk-tinged synth pop that will make you want to groove, gurl. That's why we're excited to premiere the '80s-tastic video of their first single, "The Glow." Somehow re-edited to synch to one of the break-dancing montages from the 1984 cinematic gem Breakin' -- in which Turbo, Ozone and Kelly dance to Chaka Khan's "Aint Nobody," might we remind you -- the video will renew your love for arm-warmers, high-waisted athletic pants, leotards and fierce-ass moves. Watch above and if you're in L.A., also make sure to catch Monogem's performance tomorrow at The Standard Hollywood.

Monogem performs Thursday, September 12th at The Standard, Hollywood & Audio Absinthe, 7:30pm

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