Molly Crabapple Has Some Tips On Selling Subculture

J. Everette Perry
New York's own Molly Crabapple debuted her new line in collaboration with LA's T-shirt designer Dirtee Hollywood Thursday night. Crabapple, who appeared at Fred Segal Melrose along with several of her Burlesque models, and then handed all of her guests drawing pads so they could embrace their inner artist. She has illustrated over eight books, has been featured in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and is the founder of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, a cabaret-life-drawing class with 57 branches around the world. PAPERMAG was lucky enough to steal her away from her canvas to ask Crabapple a few questions.

Who are a few of your favorite artists?
Toulouse-Lautre and Aubrey Beardsley.

What do you like to listen to when you draw?
I just go to Pandora and tune in to the Josephine Baker channel.

What are your three favorite possessions?
A travel journal from Morocco when I got when I was 17, my Alexander McQueen bag, and a fountain pen nib with Higgins Eternal black ink.

As an "anti-art" expert, what do you think of brands and corporations that try to adopt subculture themes?
I was just in Austin at SXSW speaking on selling subculture without selling out, and my biggest piece of advice to companies is, "If your brand wants to be cool, you must give your employees the freedom to allow their creative nature to shine."

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