Meet Model BFFs Lauren and Estelle

Meet Model BFFs Lauren and Estelle

photos by Eric T. White

We spend an afternoon with The Society Management models and best friends Estelle and Lauren. They tell us a little bit about how they both got discovered, when they first met and what their dream project would be to work on.

How did each of you get discovered?

Estelle: I got scouted in a park in Paris by my mother agent from Elite Paris! He told me to apply to Elite Model Look the next year, which I was really excited about. That's how I started to understand and experience the modeling industry.

Lauren: After being told by friends and family I could be a model, I decided I would take the first step. So on a Sunday morning I asked my mom to take some pictures of me and we sent them to two agencies. 30 minutes later I got called and they asked me to come to the agency the next morning!

Tell us about the first time you met.

Estelle: We were backstage in Paris at the Miu Miu show last year in march 2015. We were right next to each other at the lineup and Lauren told me I looked really pretty in my outfit, haha! We didn't talk more than that but we became really good friends at the Dolce & Gabbana Haute couture show in Portofino. We got really close on the way to the hotel, which was like a 2-hour trip by car!

Lauren: We were in the lineup for the Miu Miu F/W '15 show, she was standing in front of me and I thought she looked sooo cute, so I had to tell her!

Where are each of you from? Do you ever feel homesick? How often do you return home?

Estelle: I was born in Paris but my background is Chinese. I am still based in Paris so when I go to New York I feel homesick sometimes because I would love to share some moments with my family -- but good friends here always make things fun even when you're not home!

Lauren: I'm from Velsen-Zuid, a small town in the Netherlands. I've actually never been really homesick, only when I haven't been home for over 3 months is when I really wanna go back. We get to go home for holidays in August and in December around Christmas and New Years, but it's a full-time job the rest of the year!

What has been your favorite job you've ever booked?

Estelle: I love shows so whenever I'm walking one I just feel so happy because you're usually with a lot of your friends and just the feeling of walking down the runway is amazing! But I think my favorite one is the Louis Vuitton resort show in Rio. It was an unforgettable experience!

Lauren: The recent Fendi show was the most incredible experience -- walking on top of the Trevi fountain is something I think no one would ever expect to do in their life! I actually got goosebumps when I was in the lineup watching the show on the TV screen, haha.

Do you have any go-to outfits or beauty routines you always wear or do before castings?

Estelle: I like to put some concealer on for castings and I love putting on a hydrating mask 2-3 times a week on my face to keep it looking fresh!

Lauren: You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans and a nice tight-fitting top, it really shows off your body and that's important for castings. I don't have a certain special routine, but I like doing one of those peel off face masks once or twice a week just so my skin is extra fresh and glowy the next morning!

What would be your dream job to book?

Estelle: I would love to shoot a beauty campaign! I am always mesmerized whenever I see one because the girl always looks so dreamy and beautiful. Another dream of mine would be to shoot a Vogue cover, but I think this dream is pretty obvious for every model ;)

Lauren: I'm really hoping to shoot a nice beauty, hair or perfume campaign one day. I've always loved makeup and so to be the face of a beauty product or perfume would be so cool!

Did you always want to be models? If not, what did you want to be when you were growing up?

Estelle: At first I wanted to become a veterinarian because I love animals. Then I started to be interested in fashion (when I was around 12) so I wanted to work in this industry but I wasn't sure what kind of job I would want. And people were telling me that I was tall and I could be a model -- I wasn't sure because I didn't think I looked like a model! But I got scouted so I was really surprised and happy after all.

Lauren: Growing up, it wasn't a dream or goal of mine to be a model. I did do some "photoshoots" with my friends and sister for fun though, but looking back at those pictures I can say that I improved a lot since then, haha. I didn't have any other job in mind at the moment, so I guess modeling was secretly my plan all along!

Stylist: Shea Daspin

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