Wait for Me (Mute)

There's something full-circle about the ninth studio album from the club circuit's most prominent vegan, and it's not just that Wait for Me is a gorgeous collection of songs. Rather, the circularity has to do with his relationship with David Lynch. In 1991, Moby released "Go," a song that memorably sampled Laura Palmer's theme from Twin Peaks. Two decades later, Wait for Me finds him revisiting his appreciation for the experimental filmmaker with the video for "Shot in the Back of the Head" (Lynch animated it), and the impetus behind the album. Moby says that it was hearing Lynch speak about the benefits of art untethered from commerce that inspired him to write and record Wait for Me, which he did, by himself, in his home studio. Songs like "Pale Horses," an uptempo, downhearted dirge with curious lyrics about a dead family and train travel; "Study War," perhaps best described as a protest hymn; and the title track, as dejected a piece of music as you're likely to hear this year, are elegant, nuanced compositions. If you were David Lynch, you'd probably feel pretty flattered right about now.

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