Burgeoning electro-pop purveyor MNDR is an ebullient young woman with a well-defined set of goals. “I want the audiences at my shows to connect,” she explains. “I want them to feel like they’re going to get laid and be able to cry, all at the same time. I want them to wake up the following morning and go, ‘Where’s my wallet?’” Although yet to release a full-length, she’s well on her way to achieving those goals: The Brooklyn--based artist (née Amanda Warner) has already been rightly hailed for minimal techno tracks like “C.L.U.B.” and “Fade to Black,” and is garnering acclaim for her high-energy, one-woman live shows. Warner is obviously brainy—conversations with her slide easily between underground techno-influenced Chicago rap to the merits of socialism as interpreted by Bay Area ravers in the mid-’90s—but her material is all physical. Well, in a robotic sort of way.

Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Warner learned to multitrack from her dad, who played R&B and soul in their home studio. She studied music in the Bay Area for around five years before relocating to Bushwick in late 2008. A self-described gear nerd, Warner is a pro when it comes to 303s and 808s (she designed the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s synthesizer rig), and she has written for other artists, produced tracks and played off-and-on in intriguingly bent bands. But as MNDR, she’s developing her own voice with the help of producer Peter Wade. Diplo and Mark Ronson have already remixed two of her songs, and her first album—which she describes as a collection of singles—will be out later this spring. Expect dance-floor fodder with a twist, like “Send My Greetings,” a tribute to Patty Hearst. “I have an obsession with famous rich people who have everything and throw it away to become political radicals,” Warner explains.

MNDR plays alongside Yacht on March 11th at the Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St., New York.

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