MM's Second Favorite Nazi Mitford: Diana

This is stunning Cecil Beaton photo of Diana Mitford at the zenith of her beauty when she was Mrs. Bryan Guiness before she became Lady Mosley. Supposedly she never smiled in photos because she thought it caused wrinkles. She was thought to be the most beautiful of the Mitford sisters and very popular in society. She left her super rich husband and two children to have an affair with Oswald Mosley, the married head of the British Union of Fascists. She was friendly with Hitler and until her death (she died in 2003) she was completely unapologetic about her Fascist leanings and you can imagine how popular a stance that was. She was imprisoned at the beginning of WW II but her friend Winston Churchill, who called her Dynamite, got her released. She and Mosley were deeply in love til his death despite that fact that he fucked around like a dog his entire adult life.


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