MM's Brokeback Mountain Boyfriend

 MM is a big name dropper so you won't be surprised to learn that he has met and fallen in love with dreamboat Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact MM knows almost as many Gyllenhaals as von Furstenbergs and he knows beaucoup de VFs!!!!
Anyhoo, Jake is truly delicious and sweet and MM feels very guilty but he must admit that after seeing Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain last night, he is almost more in love with Heath Ledger. God Gay God MMBloggers! Heath gives such an Oscar caliber performance which is particularly surprising since the last movie I saw of his was Dogtown and Z Boys in which Heath plays a total freak.
Jake's performance is also top notch and his nude scenes almost made MM mess himself, but Heath really is a revelation!!!! Go Heath!

photo of Heath baby at the Brokeback Mountain premiere by Caroline Torem-Craig


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