MM Loves a Little Casiraghi Karaoke!

Good Gay God MMBloggers, how fun does this party look? That's MMBlog pin-up boy Andrea Casiraghi singing along to the oldies with his girlfriend Tatiana SantoDomingo (right) and the lovely Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis. The party was a dinner at Maxim's in honor of Elisabeth von TNT's sister Maria Teresia who's made her first documentary film in Nepal about the Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital. The party was a benefit for the hospital.

Here's a site with info about sending a donation to the hospital.

Also here are some bonus photos from the soiree! Pierre Casiraghi (okay if you MMBloggers are getting tired of Pierre, too bad because Pierre is #1 at this blog) with Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis and a fun snap of Gloria's son Prince Albert von TNT with his cousin Alexander Flick son of the Mercedes heir Mick Flick and Gloria's sister Maya. MM loves a little Flick action on the MMBlog!


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