MM Hearts Mrs Wallace!

MM is a devoted Soap Opera viewer. Thanks to his friends the Trinity, he's also a subscriber to Soap Opera Digest!
One of the things currently on soaps that MM lives for is Mrs Wallace on Passions. Let's be frank kids, Passions is at the bottom of the ratings and there are some things about it that are pretty poor (MM detests the Theresa/Gwen/Ethan triangle even though Ethan is gorgeous). Still when Passions gets nutty, it's magic. Tabitha the witch played by the amazing Juliet Mills is riveting. Hello! She and her daughter Endora accidentally conjured up an earthquake/tsunami in Massachusetts! That's what I call must-see tv! Mrs Wallace, played by Kathleen Noone, is a booze-swilling, diaper-wearing former town floozy who is hilarious and delightful. She used to have an orangutan named Precious as a nurse and MM cried when Precious left! Passions needs more Mrs Wallace (and her demented homocidal sidekick Norma) and less of evil Alistair Crane killing his daughter Sheridan's boyfriends. Vive les Freaks!!!!

Watch for Passions reruns starting in February on the Sci-Fi Channel featuring Timmy the little doll that comes to life!


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