Mister ArtSee!

Jake Stavis

Move over, pop-ups; ephemerality is out and mobility is in, as evidenced by the upcoming project of Art-Z group founder and artist Elliot Arkin: Mister ArtSee. This vintage ice cream truck turned gallery on wheels will carry quite a breadth of work, including installations, sound-pieces, performances, presentations, visual art and videos, and is also equipped with numerous extensions (e.g. a platform stage, video projectors, a podium) to facilitate such projects. An open platform also allows artists to submit projects to the original Mister ArtSee and other Arkin-sponsored mobile galleries which will tour the Tri-State area next spring. On September 10th, Mister ArtSee will make his debut at Half Gallery, where the public can finally experience the wonder firsthand. "'Mister ArtSee is a significant concept at a time when our world is re-examining social structures,' said art history professor Cary Levine in a press release. 'The approach -- bringing an adaptable and accessible platform for art to people -- is timely and much needed for artists and audiences alike. The project is ripe for encouraging real innovation and creative expansion in the arts, both in how they're created and how they're experienced.'" The revamped and fully art-ified Mister ArtSee will be unveiled on National Arts Advocacy Day on April 12, 2010 in conjunction with the realease of a "'first day of issue' United States postage stamp," whose profits will raise money for Art-Z and Mister ArtSee.

Sept. 10 at Half Gallery, 208 Forsyth St., info@halfgallery.com

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