Mind-Blowing Pancake Art + Goths on OKCupid = Eight Items Or Less

1. We're in love with this owl sporting a monocle. [via Vintage Gal]

2. Check out the new and thought-provoking -- The Daily What already took "titillating" -- cover of Time Magazine.  All we can think of is that poor kid will hate his mom when he turns 15 and finds the old mag. [via The Daily What]

3.  Here's some amazing pancake art a stay-at-home dad has made for his kids.  Uh, can he come over to our house, please? [via Death + Taxes]

4. 9/10 girls and gay men would want to bone this young man...that is, until they learn it's an old photo of Joseph Stalin. [via Cracked]

5. Goths on OKCupid. [via Dangerous Minds/Tumblr]

6. We can't stop staring at these fascinating photos of NYC street corners then and now. [via Laughing Squid]

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