Miley Cyrus, brief hip-hop star, tongue-appreciator and marijuana aficionado, is once again going through a bit of an image shake-up in co-ordination with the release of her new album, and while that hasn't been going particularly smoothly, it does mean a different type of Miley from the one we're used to and that's not entirely unwelcome.

Miley, who is now an easy, breezy, beautiful beach babe (Colbie Caillat we missed you!) has written the song to match her new aesthetic called "Malibu" and it's actually very good! In fact, it's out right now! You can listen to it right here!

The song is apparently dedicated to Miley's on-again-off-again fiancé, Australian beefcake Liam Hemsworth (he photographed the single's artwork), and it has it's very own Cali girl-themed video to go with it. It's a lot of Miley in bikini bottoms and neutrals, but hey, isn't that all the beach really is anyway?


[youtube expand=1]

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