Miley Cyrus teams up with Jeremy Scott to Give Her 5-foot Bong its Own Art Exhibition

by Gabby Bess
Photo via V Magazine

From the moment Miley Cyrus took her crafting game to the next level with her infamous 5-foot bong made of dildos, we knew that she was blossoming into a true artist. Since then, she's been both smoking and hot gluing tons of weed to various, brightly colored objects -- all in the name of art. Cryus will premiere her deeply personal body of work, which includes a sculpture made out of a pineapple "on [a] dick with a bunch of babies," at Jeremy Scott's NYFW show on September 10th.

Photo via V Magazine

For the pop star, the Jeremy Scott collaboration is more than just a chance to prove how much she loves gluing weed to raver beads. "Jeremy brought a lot of peace and self worth to me because even though to some people, it was just me gluing some things together, to me, it made me not a fucking pop star dumbass," she told V Magazine.

And after the runway show, you can view Cyrus's oeuvre in V Magazine's studio at 11 Mercer. Fittingly, the exhibition is called "Dirty Hippie." 

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