Miley Cyrus closed out her 'Dead Petz' joint-tour with The Flaming Lips at the Wiltern in Los Angeles last night, and conjured up a very special guest to join her on stage for the finale:

Ms. Pamela Denise Anderson, the most famous Canadian lifeguard ever.

Once again, Miley donned a prosthetic dick, wagging it around during a apocalyptic rendition of "We Can't Stop."

Meanwhile PETA crusader Anderson slinked around, holding up a sign that said "SAVE THE WHALES."


Down the side of one of her legs, Pamela wrote "NO CAPTIVITY," which is something I need to start doing every morning; Anderson straddled a Divine in Pink Flamingos lookalike, which is pretty much the best thing I've ever seen.

All in all, it was a random, horny nightmare fit for a gutter queen, and authentically Miley.

Merry Christmas.

Watch below.

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