Miley Cyrus, who's kept a relatively low profile since reuniting with on again fiancé.Liam Hemsworth, has just dipped her toe back into the raging press river, with a simple tattoo.

Miley has MANY tats, as we know, but this one, of Australian food paste VEGEMITE, seems to hold xxxtra significance for the star.

Shared by, Dr. Woo, the tattoo artist responsible, the down-under snack topping is a pretty clear tribute to her own Aussie hors d'oeuvre/meat tower, Liam.


Liam has been vocal over his affinity for the "delicacy" (as he's gone on record as calling it), telling Australia's Sunday Style that he "lived on" on the yeast extract every day after school--along with some Ovaltine clone called "Milo."

He also taught Kelly Ripa and John Leguizamo how to properly spread it on live TV.

So it's safe to assume Miley and Liam get high as fuck and munch out on it. Ah, love!

Cyrus and Hemsworth haven't exactly confirmed their love-redux, but in VEGEMITE WE TRUST.

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