Milan Fashion Week Report: Albino

Tihana Ljubojevic

Designer Albino D'Amato says his Spring/Summer 2010 collection was inspired by photographs of his grandmother on a safari trip. But instead of evoking the Sahara with sandy yellows and muted browns, shimmering bronzes and Moroccan oranges suggest D'Amato en route to Marrakesh. Or perhaps he's going to the Algerian birthplace of Yves Saint Laurent, with whom he shares an apparent sense of elegance. Unfortunately in this collection, that elegance was compromised with styling -- slouchy nylon stockings and wrinkled hairbands made otherwise lively pieces look dowdy and tired. Sunglasses designed by Albino, however, could have easily sufficed as the show's only accessory. They certainly outshone the rest of the accessories.

Photos: Emanuele Andreis

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