Mike Judge's Idiocracy - A DVD Treat!

Holy Crumbing Infrastructure! Could there be a movie more relevant today than Mike Judge's Idiocracy? Bridges collapsing, NYC in a transit mess over a little rain, China about to destroy the almighty dollar? I've been eyeballing Idiocracy on the Video Journeys new releases shelf for weeks now. We finally rented it the other night. OH.MY.GOD.

The movie is about "the future" but, obviously, says a lot about today. Mostly about what a nation of morons we are becoming. (Or are.) Luke Wilson plays a regular guy who is used by the military in an experient to freeze human beings in time. He ends up 500 years into the future and finds a world where... well, what is likely to happen if we continue in the direction we are heading. It wouldn't be fair to describe any more of the movie if you haven't seen it. Just rent it. NOW!

I read that the powers-that-be (the nefarious "they" out here in Tinsel Town) wouldn't give this movie proper distribution when it was first released because they feared it would insult the great middle American demographic they depend on for their big blockbuster bucks. I'm actually kind of suprised they greenlit this at all. Didn't they read the (beyond brilliant) script? That other mankind-is-fucked-in-the-future movie, Planet of the Apes (the 1968 original), isn't nearly as scary as this movie! Or funny! Or entertaining. 'Tis my new fave flick!

BRAVO Mike Judge! And BRAVO to the adorable actor Justin Long who plays the doofus futuristic doctor in this clip above. Good work Scro! (God, I can't stop saying "Scro" now. My husband is not amused.)

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