Mika Miko and The Death Set Live... in Baltimore!

The final stop on my grand road trip was Baltimore, Maryland. I hadn't been there since college and the only thing I remembered was that 1) John Waters lives there, and 2) the local brew of choice, National Bohemian (aka "Natty Bo") costs roughly 50 cents a can. This time around, however, I was most interested in the music scene. It's pretty awesome. Imagine if the entire music scene for NYC was that of East Williamsburg -- i.e. the loft party/punk band/crappy sound/sweaty kids scene -- and you'd hit the nail on the donkey for what the entire scene in Baltimore is like. It's cool, but it definitely made me appreciate the diversity of NYC a bit more.

Anyhoo, while I was in town I went to a loft space called Floristree and caught The Death Set (pictured below) and the amazing all-girl punk rock quintet, Mika Miko. They kicked ass! I only have one decent photo (pictured above) of one of the lead singers shaking it while shouting into her phone mic. They're amazing. Seriously. Go see them!

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