Last night, in the staging area of the men's 200 butterfly semifinals, Michael Phelps, the greatest athlete of all time, delivered us the greatest game face of all time.

The swimmers have only just become aware that NBC films them before they come out on the pool deck--which gave us Lilly King's now iconic "finger wag." Phelps, clearly aware of the cameras, wanted to send his own message to the world, and his opponents.

This message:

The face seemed to be directed right at Phelps' biggest competition in the event that started it all for Michael, back at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney: Chad Le Clos, of South Africa.

Le Clos was playing some Jedi mind games of his own, stretching and shaking it off directly in front of Phelps.

Unfortunately for Clos, his attempt at intimidation only awoke the beast even more...

Not surprisingly, the internet has gone insane:

Game face runs in the Phelps family...

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