Michael Musto & Miss Patti Labelle Carry On at House of Blues in Atlantic City

While MM was in Atlantic City there was a surprise party in the Foundation Room of the House of Blues at Showboat for none other than Miss Patti Labelle. It turns out MM's trusty sidekick Michael Musto is old besties with Miss Patti so when she saw him walk into her party the two immediately began dancing and prancing to Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love." It was madness! And then out came Natalie Cole (looking sooooo gorgeous and young!) who sang "Unforgettable." Stephanie Mills was there. Sarah Dash sang "Happy Birthday" (Sarah is part of Labelle which is reunited and has a new album out this fall). It was outrageousness on the Boardwalk children!!!

photographs by Sally Alfis

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