UPDATE: More reports have specified the contemporary and classical art Jackson was stockpiling in his sprawling Neverland Ranch estate, including works by James Bidgood, Tom Bidgood, and the 19th-century artist Wilhem von Gloedon--all centering around young men.

Specialists believe the art was meant for "grooming" the young boys Jackson was allegedly targeting.

Here's another item to put on the horror-world tab currently mounting around us all:

According to Radar Online (eek), Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department report from 2003, previously unreleased, indicate that Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch was full of child porn, and videos and images depicting animal torture, bondage, and straight-up gore.

The material was apparently discovered after a raid of the estate, during one of the late singer's numerous investigations of child molestation.

There's a whole specific slew of things Radar says is within the report, including a mock-up image of a "Jon Benet Ramsey" lookalike "with a noose around her neck," "an image of a child holding a bludgeoned goose," among other unmentionables.

Santa Barbara Senior Assistant District Attorney Ron Zonen, who worked on the prosecution team against Michael in seven subsequent charges of child abuse that followed, told Radar that much of these ghastly items were meant to "desensitize" the children Jackson was allegedly targeting.

Radar also obtained a police video never seen before:

As we know, Jackson was acquitted of all charges in 2005.

The report also asserts that Jackson reportedly spent up to $200 million to silence accusers, before his death in 2009 from a drug overdose.

Since his death, the Jackson estate, now in the hands of his three surviving children, has amassed $2 billion in revenue.


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