M.I.A.'s New Single Is...Mediocre

by Max Kessler
M.I.A. has been planning to release her new record Matangi for a while now and it's finally coming out on November 5th. In anticipation of the release, the singer released a new, presumably happier single called "Come Walk With Me" that's a departure for her on several levels: the lyrics are indeed more positive; her voice, which is usually used to add structure to a banging rhythm -- but doesn't do the grunt work on most of her tracks -- is out front and center; and for the first minute or so, the beat is standard pop fare, the kind of slow-electro-build-up that Katy Perry singles are made of.

So, how good is "Come Walk with Me?" Unfortunately, the answer is: pretty lackluster. It being M.I.A., a more original, spastic rhythm does emerge and begs for some good ol' fashioned rump shaking. But no matter how much splicing and synth is thrown into the mix, her singing sounds really, really un-enthused and lacks the energy her pessimistic tracks bring in abundance. We're always glad to hear more from her, but here's hoping the rest of her album ups the attitude. Listen below.

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