Miami's Chef Du Jour

By Special Correspondent SNOWBIRD

A few weeks ago Miami writer Lee Klein wrote a piece in New Times about the local restaurant scene entitled  "What's Wrong With Miami?" Klein claimed that "New Florida cuisine has been hijacked by amateurish chefs and their nail-in-the-coffin concoctions like macadamia-crusted cheesecake with mango sauce." The heart-felt and humorous criticisms caused a string of letters that, surprisingly, mostly agreed.  I say "surprisingly" because the Snowbird finds that it is very easy to upset the locals.  If, for example, I said that Floridians were bad drivers, I would be run over while crossing Ocean Drive.  There are good restaurants here of course, but a decent meal at a reasonable price is hard to come by.  One highly anticipated spot, "Michy's," is about to open at 69th and Biscayne Boulevard. Owned by Michelle Bernstein, probably the most respected Miami chef, the restaurant is expected to feature local ingredients and have a funky-retro "60's" design. Bernstein worked at The Strand and Azul here, appears on Iron Chef and also just opened a restaurant called MB in Cancun. We also hear that she may be involved in the Sagamore Hotel's on-going quest for a decent restaurant.  This one is supposedly going to be called Social, will take up the entire lobby (even the reading room) and fall under the China Grill management umbrella. When asked recently to name her favorite culinary destinations, Bernstein listed New York, Barcelona, Oaxaca, Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires, but failed to mention Miami. 


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