H&M knows you only wear its clothes for a season, before they fall sharply out of style or fall apart, but it doesn't want those pounds and pounds of poly-blends to get to waste! The fast fashion retailer just announced the launch of their latest initiative, World Recycle Week (April 18-24), with support from M.I.A.

On April 11, the singer will release a brand new video on hm.com about the effect of leaving your clothes to molder for an eternity in a landfill. The brand's goal for World Recycle Week is to collect 1,000 tons of unwanted or old clothes that would otherwise be discarded. Started in 2013, the garment collection system has customers bring their outmoded duds to an H&M store in exchange for vouchers they can then use to purchase more short-shelf-life outfits (which can be brought in later for more vouchers, etc.). The circle of fashion life!

[h/t i-D]

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