Mi Piace Fabio Grosso


Was pleased as a pup that Blue defeated White in yesterday's World Cup finals -- though I was not pleased that the winner had to be determined by a PK. PKs are so arbitrary and lame. But I really and truly think that Italy deserved to win (they scored the only "real" goal of the match and Zidane's headbutt was insane). What can I say - my blood, it runneth red, white and green.  In any case, I have something of a schoolyard crush on Italy's Fabio Grosso, who scored the fantastic goal against Germany in the semi-finals last week (in double over-time) and who made the final, winning penalty kick during yesterday's game. He is lanky and cute in a bit of a Matthew Goode from Match Point kind of way, don't you think? (See photo at right.) Here is a ridiculous yet oddly moving video tribute to Grosso that I found while digging through Youtube. It made me tear up. I am not kidding!  Happy Monday!



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