Mexico City is getting creative with its sexual harassment campaigns in ways the MTA could only dream of.

This month, the city's metro placed a 'penis seat' on one of its cars. It's a seat that's literally been molded into the shape of a man's torso and semi-erect penis. Unsuspecting riders, featured in the campaign's video, attempt to sit down on the seat only to notice something a little, er, hard, underneath them.

Above the seat, a sign reads: "It's uncomfortable to sit here but it doesn't compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives. 9 out of 10 women in Mexico City have been victims of some form of sexual violence."

If being suddenly pressed against a fake erect penis will wake people up to the horrors of sexual assault (and considering that staggering statistic, they need to be), then brava, Mexico City. Let's get a couple hundred more of these installed.

Watch the campaign's video below:

[h/t Harper's Bazaar]

Splash image via YouTube