Another day, another #manstunt. This time, in order to better understand the trials of Being A Woman, a bunch of men at UK's Stylist magazine decided to walk a mile in the fairer sex's shoes--literally. Spurred by the recent case of a Pricewaterhouse Cooper receptionist who was sent home for not wearing heels, the gents of Stylist slip on some pumps and teeter around London. They try to navigate stairs ("That's actually quite scary."), grass ("How is the heel not sinking into the grass?"), and the ankle-breaking nemesis of heel wearers since time immemorial, cobblestones ("Oh fuck!"). Like the #manstunts before them, these brave fellas learned that, wow, women really have it rough and gendered expectations for workplace dress are totally unfair. Go out, Newly Woke Men, and share this insight with your fellow dudes. (Also, watch a couple episodes of Drag Race and learn how to strut.)

[h/t Mic]

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