After a video of Melania smacking Don's hand the hell away when he tried to hold hers on the Ben Gurion International Airport tarmac in Israel made headlines around the world, America's first couple have made a real point to prove they are happy and okay.

Reaching the end of their visit, the two headed towards Air Force One to fly to the Vatican and used the time in front of the cameras to send a message around the world, that message being: "we're okay."

Can you feel the love and companionship and sexual chemisty (ack) and happiness? Can you? I know I can.

Still, after reports emerged yesterday that Melania "hate-watches" cable shows critical of her husband and alerts him of news that makes him appear like the monster he is, it's unsurprising she was perhaps more willing to present a united front.

That being said, don't expect the "Free Melania" hashtags to simmer down any time soon.

[h/t The Cut]
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