Meet the Monsters Responsible for #TheDress

by Elizabeth Thompson

Are you still thinking about #TheDress on the reg, judging the shit out of people who don't see the same color as you while simultaneously worrying that your whole reality to this point has been a huge lie? Same. Ellen DeGeneres invited the monsters responsible for your blue-and-black nightmares onto her show yesterday and, dammit, they're lovely. DeGeneres (who is team WHITE AND GOLD, by the way) interviewed Caitlin McNeill, who posted That Photo to Tumblr, and couple Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnston -- whose wedding #TheDress was purchased by Grace's mother -- about the genesis of this Internet-detonating phenomenon. Being Ellen, she also gave the couple a honeymoon trip to Grenada and $10,000, even though they really deserve to go to Dress Jail for breaking our brains.
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Story by Jhoni Jackson / Photography by Jora Frantzis / Styling by Rafael Linares