Meet Sexy Artist/Animal Rights Activist Jess Black

Peter Davis

While preparing for a "high concept" exhibition at David Streets Gallery in Beverly Hills, artist/animal rights activist Jess Black stripped down for Peta. "I find myself preferring animals over most humans," Black tells me "They have this unaffected innocence about them. Animal rights and art are my two biggest passions in life. I'm lucky that I managed to mesh the two and elevate awareness. That was the goal. And my bengal cat, Max, is really the star of the photo." Black's paintings are as pretty as he is. "In my paintings I try to convey the dichotomy of life's extremes," the former NYC painter (he now lives in LA) explains. "Because of this I think my paintings appeal to people of many different walks of life. I love when I see my vibrant pieces in the middle of a traditional room. It shows personal style." For more Jess Black go to:

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