Meet NYC's Most In Demand Stylist

Meet NYC's Most In Demand Stylist

By Emily Warman // Photos by Jerm Cohen

Spring has sprung, and we're ready to hit the town. We've teamed up with Coach for a night out with our favorite creative women in the city. Read on and get to know the awesomely chic stylist Solange Franklin.

When someone names a domesticated cat as her spirit animal, you immediately get a good vibe.

Such is the laid-back cool of stylist Solange Franklin, who balances her own freelance work with her longstanding gig as first assistant to fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia and her job as fashion editor-at-large for Paper. Her client list reads like a curated coffee table, working with publications such as Nylon, Vogue Japan and Oyster Magazine.

As for that other Solange? Holler at her. "There are so many moments when people confuse our identities [on my end]. I doubt that's really happened with her," Franklin laughs. "Within the fashion world I find that to be pretty amusing. We have probably one degree of separation at this point, so we could have a major moment on set."

As far as tunes go, "set music is the heartbeat of the shoot," she says. "I've heard models being aggressively upset by the music choice." She sets the tone with a Top 40 vibe, aided with forays into funk, soul and old-school hip hop.

Franklin names her own style as funky-femme, a spot-on assessment. "I'm never afraid of a print," she says. May it always remain that way.

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