Meet Nancy Mitford!

Today's Mitford is Nancy, eldest sister and one of MM's favorite novelists. Love in a Cold Climate and Pursuit of Love are two of MM's favorites and terribly amusing. She had a vicious tongue and sometimes she was a little too mean for MM's taste, especially when talking about her parents. But then her sister Jessica was guilty of the same.

Nancy was devoted to Dior as she lived in Paris after WW II. Her love life was never very satisfying having been in love with a raging homosexual then marrying a boor and finally being in love with Gaston Palewski, DeGaulle's right hand man, who eventually married another woman. But some of our greatest writers are unlucky in love (she should have moved to LA where MM just got lots of action!)

In the shot at right, she's photographed by Cecil Beaton and aren't her boobies hanging out?

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