Meet 'n' Greet: Eleni Mandell

Smoky-voiced singer/songwriter Eleni Mandell is all up in the L.A. music scene. In addition to being a solo artist in her own right, with her album Artificial Fire coming out in early '09, the chanteuse plays with a band with Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) and Inari George (The Bird and the Bee) called The Living Sisters and a pop band called The Grabs with Nigel Harrison, Blondie’s former bass player. Here is her guide to L.A...

My favorite place to eat in L.A. is... A.O.C. and Viet Noodle

My favorite place to party in L.A. is... my living room

My favorite store in L.A. is... Revival

My favorite celebrity in L.A. is... Johnny Depp

My favorite movie about L.A. is... Chinatown

My favorite street in L.A. is... Mulholland Drive

My favorite place to make love in L.A. is... my living room

My favorite thing about L.A. is... the space and the grit.

Photo by Jiro Schneider

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