Amidst all the cutesy Snapchat geotags and well-lit Insta selfies comes Beme: a simple and unique social media app. Well, it's actually not unique at all...and that's the point.

YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat co-created Beme (pronounced beam) to foster a more genuine sharing environment. Instead of uploading edited videos to Vine or slapping a filter on a Snap story, on Beme you can only record 4-second clips in real-time. Also, you record by holding your iPhone to your chest, and the censor at the top of your phone captures and automatically sends the video to your friends. There's no "liking" feature either -- if you want to react to a friend's clip you can send them back a selfie while you're watching.

Though some kinks have to be worked out, Beme is a refreshing return to basics that we so desperately need. Watch Neistat demonstrate the app below:

[Via The New York Times]

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