Meet An NYC DJ Shaking Things Up

Meet An NYC DJ Shaking Things Up

By Emily Warman // Photos by Jerm Cohen

Spring has sprung, and we're ready to hit the town. We've teamed up with Coach for a night out with our favorite creative women in the city. Read on and get to know DJ and stylist, Alix Brown.

DJ, musician, stylist and merchandiser Alix Brown grew up like all good kids should, listening to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bowie and their ilk. She wisely saved the record collection her mother acquired via her first husband from an uncertain fate at a yard sale, giving her quite the catalog to draw from at a young age.

Playing in various bands and DJing around her hometown of Atlanta was a natural evolution, as was her move to NYC nine years ago. Brown has a vintage aesthetic that evoke another era but her flipped-out golden 'do and Catherine Deneuve vibe are right at home in 2015. Her career as a DJ reads like a cool kid bucket list with regular appearances at The Standard and Kenmare, plus a weekly residence with co-DJ Tennessee Thomas at the Soho Grand.

But that's all about to change. She's joining new husband Lias Saoudi, singer of English rock band The Fat White Family, on tour in England this summer. "I'm dropping everything I've been doing for the last three years. I have a serious job as a merchandiser and stylist I'm putting on hold, [and I'm] quitting all my DJ nights I have. I'm taking the plunge, I'm having a major life change," she says. And, as the saying goes, change is good.

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