WCW: Meet Model Cai Lee

WCW: Meet Model Cai Lee

photography by Ed Singleton / styling by Solange Franklin

As a counterpart to our MCM series, our new WCW column sees us shooting and interviewing our favorite female (and female-identifying) models of the moment. This week? Cai Lee from DNA.

Name? Age? Hometown? Sign of the zodiac?

Cai Lee, 18 years old, Queens, NY, Scorpio.

Did you always want to be a model growing up?

Yes I always knew. I even graduated 2 years early to get into it faster.

How did you get discovered?

My mom's friend worked right next door to my mother agent's model scout. I was 14 and they saw me on Facebook and they wanted me to come in at the end.

Do you remember the first casting or go-see you ever went on? What was it like? Were you nervous?

My first casting was in Orlando, FL, and wasn't what I expected actually. I was super nervous but while I was there it was fun to me to meet new people.

Are there any models you really look up to or whose careers you'd like to have?

This might sound cliché but I looked up to Tyra Banks. She was the reason I wanted to start modeling. I was a little kid watching America's Next Top Model saying "Ma!, I want to be America's Next Top Model"

What has been the most fun job you've booked in 2016?

The most fun and amazing job was for Desigual One Life Exotic Jeans!

Tell us about where you're from. What's a fact about your hometown / home country no one knows? Is there a modeling industry in your hometown?

I'm from Queens, New York. Dope fact -- Queens got the best food!!

Do you have any routines before castings or shows that you always follow? (For instance, do you always wear the same kind of outfit, wear the same makeup or skincare, do your hair the same way? Eat the same breakfast?

I wear the same black choker my friend made for me. It has a chicken bone which equals good luck! Before castings I have to jam to music!

What do you like to do during your free time?

Cant think of anything appropriate!… Lol just kidding, I like to hang with my family and boyfriend and go to the park with my two dogs. Love to just chill at the beach/nature.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Boxing is my hidden talent! It won't be so hidden if you make me mad! Drawing is def my most hidden talent.

What's something no one knows about you?

I really love dancing. Nobody knows though, only my doggies.

What are your favorite beauty/skincare/hair products?

My best hair product is Moroccan oil / shampoo and conditioner.

Photographer: Ed Singleton

Stylist: Solange Franklin

Hair: Yuhi Kim at Bridge Artists

Makeup: Laura Stiassni at The Wall Group

Manicurist: Yukie Miyakawa @ Kate Ryan Inc.

Production: Teddy.Productions

Retouching: Silhouette Studio

Splash Photo: Cai Lee wears Adeam top, Meadowlark earrings and Monse shoes

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