With so many new designers showing during New York Fashion Week, up-and-comers have to break the mold and offer something too exciting to be ignored to make a true impact. And having already gained fans like Rihanna, Matthew Adams Dolan has done just that. The Parsons alum made his mark with streetwear that was exaggerated and contoured into true haute couture, an approach that he takes to classic American fashion for his Spring 2018 collection — think Ralph Lauren having a identity crisis and getting pulled in many directions. Simple dress shirts are stretched to impractical lengths, knitwear is chopped-and-screwed all over, and all-American fabrics like khaki and denim are given new shapes (yes, Dolan even makes khaki look great).

While this isn't the garb you'll don if you actually want to get work done, this is what you'll wear to the office if you want to make a subtle statement to your boss or Trump-supporting co-workers. Like luminary Raf Simons at Calvin Klein, it seems that Dolan was inspired by the horrors present in America today, and his use of the most preppy staples in American fashion recalls both a simpler time and one that we don't want to head back to. The world needs to continue to progress positively, and Dolan is leading that charge on the fashion front. See every look from his SS18 show below.

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Photos: Albert Urso / Getty

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