In a shocking turn of events, Martin Shrkeli his infamy for a...good cause. The reviled former pharmaceutical CEO is auctioning off a chance to sock him in the face to benefit a friend of his who tragically passed away from cancer.

Shkreli revealed that said-friend was one of the people who orchestrated his past media stunts, and that he will not only match whatever donation one gives ("to a certain point"), but will allow you to video it, and post it on social media.

He's since given us an update to the donations, which are, as expected, very high:

"Let me know!"

This is all also coming from the same man who has plans to resurrect Harambe.

This is also the man who raised the price of HIV/AIDS combative medication Daraprim by 5,556%.

Fuck you, Martin. But also, somebody please punch him in the face so that little boy gets money.

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