These days, Martha Stewart is mostly known for her DIY knitting patterns, sometimes-bizarre tweets and unlikely friendship with rapper Snoop Dogg. But, she was also once a very chic model.

She recently posted a thirst trap from her modeling days with the amazingly blasé caption, "My assistant found this great photo of me in my library at turkey hill Wish it was taken last month !!!"

Stewart looks amazing in an all-black cool-girl uniform of black heels, sheer tights, and a strapless dress.

Stewart started modeling when she was 15 and continued to do so as a college student at Barnard College, working for brands like Chanel and Unilever, Business Insider reports. She went on to be a stockbroker and, of course, to eventually start one of the leading lifestyle and home good brands of all time.

Check out more of Stewart's modeling pictures here.

Photo via Getty

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