Promoting their new joint cooking show on VH1, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, clandestine pals Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg stopped by The Ellen Show to dole out their endlessly fascinating frondship. Ms. DeG got them, along with Anna Kendrick, to play "Never Have I Ever," and thankfully, some truly beautiful things were revealed by our ruthlessly perfect Queen Martha.

Some highlights:

"Never have I ever sexted..."

First considering; 'This sign is ugly,' she thought...

...and then...

I now have something in common with Martha, aside from a vegetable garden on my private terrace.

"Never been in handcuffs"

While Martha waaaaas arrested (and sent to prison), you can bet she locked eyes with the FBI agent holding out handcuffs, looked down at them, and then quietly said, "I want Rose Gold."

"Never have I ever returned something to the store after wearing it."

'Gross,' Martha thought.

"Never have I ever been to a nude beach."

The most amazing thing about this was that Martha--after Ellen and Anna expressed prudish shock over her answer--promptly shamed them for having not been to a certain beach in St. Barths. DON'T. EVEN.TRY.

Watch below.

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