Marnie the Dog, the regal, rescued Shih Tzu who's dominated Instagram for the past two years with photos and videos of her adventures around the world, and meetings with various A-List celebs, now has a way to bring her essence into the lives of all us plebs.

The tongue-lagging dog's "team" created an app called "Marnie Pro," where users can insert photos of the pooch's glorious resting state (aka laying, eating things, poking around) into their own, personal photos.

The result is simply joyous-something our our weary world could use more of these days.

Since announcing the app a few days ago, the Internet-not surprisingly-has gone crazy for it.

Bieber Bundle.

Along with a successful book, and foray into high fashion modeling, the app is just another conquest in Marnie's expanding empire.

Don't think for a second that I haven't Googled "Marnie the Dog net worth" multiple times.

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