Marky Ramone on Jersey Shore, Earthquake Sex

Jake Stavis

Long before the ultra-bronzed stars of Jersey Shore conquered the entertainment world, a markedly different, inarguably more talented group of tri-state kids were taking over New York: The Ramones, a crew that was a lot less GTL and a lot more CBGB. Monday night, drummer Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg played a tribute set to his eponymous act at Hudson Hall's inaugural Rock the Hall performance series. With Misfits frontman Michale Graves on vocals and bassist Andy Hilfiger rounding out the lineup, the boys of Blitzkrieg delivered a spectacular rock show with some killer free pizza to boot (featuring Marky's own pasta sauce!). I spoke with Marky about the Brooklyn renaissance, the perfect pair of jeans, and Snooki, among other issues.

What are your thoughts on the recent transformation of Brooklyn into a full-on hipster wonderland?

I mean, there's nowhere left to go. After Brooklyn it's the Atlantic ocean, you know what I mean? The area's getting developed just like it did here -- it got gentrified. The scene in New York, like the CBGB scene that started and lasted 34 years, was enough. I think it was the right thing to do, to start a scene in Brooklyn, because it would be impossible to start a scene like that in New York, especially at this time. Maybe 20 years from now, but they just came off the heels of CBGB. Overall, I think it's a cool thing.

Speaking of CBGB, installation artist Justin Lowe just did a recreation of the CBGB bathroom in Connecticut.

Is it art or is he selling it to make a profit? It's commodity art... Who cares what the CBGB bathroom looked like? I guess people are curious, and CBGB was a little hole in the wall that spread all over the world. I think there are other things more interesting than the bathroom...

Surely some interesting stuff went down there...

It'll be in my book.

So what bands are you really excited about right now?

I like the River Boat Gamblers. I like the Gallows from England. There's a new band that I kinda like, Slab. They're really good. I have a punk rock show on Sirius XM so I mainly listen to what the new punk rock is. I want to help keep this genre alive, and those bands are very representative of where punk is at the moment. I like some of the stuff the Loved Ones do. There's a lot of good music out there.

You recently collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger to create a line of jeans and leather jackets. What's your ideal pair of jeans like?

Tight. Skin tight. Light, not dark. Acid wash, but not where it looks Cloroxed. Thin material, not thick. Something you feel comfortable in and don't need 10 years to break it in. And it stretches.

What about holes?

In the knees. It took us years to get holes in the knees, but it was easier for me because when I started playing the drums, my knees would be freer to play. We wore the holes in the jeans because they fit good. That was the real deal.

iPhone or BlackBerry?

iPhone, but my wife likes BlackBerry.

Stones or Beatles?


Hamburgers or hotdogs?


Snooki or JWoww?

Snooki, but I personally think Jersey Shore makes Italians look really bad. Coming off The Sopranos, The Godfather movies, Goodfellas... a lot of people are very hypnotized and influenced by television. It just shows a very condescending way about Italian people and what they perceive. I go to Italy every year, and there's that other side, the painters, the great actors... and then there are people who glorify them as gangsters.

So no Jersey Shore for Marky Ramone?

Nope... but I do like Hung. And True Blood. A lot of good stuff on HBO.

And lastly... what's the craziest place you've ever had sex?

When I was in Japan and there was an earthquake. I thought somebody was under my bed lifting it up. Everything was shaking and we had to stop. When I got up, all the walls were cracked.

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