Market Watch: Yohji Yamamoto for Doc Martens

Zandile Blay

Like burgers and fries, Mexico and Coronas, Zandile and Luigi -- some combinations just can't go wrong. Cue: Yohji and Doc. The avant garde apparel line and the avant garde shoe line have teamed up to present you with, well, an avant garde boot. Yamamoto's interpretation of the classic Doc Martens incorporates mixed materials: rich, supple leather juxtaposed with tweed. An alternate version is coated entirely with colorful paisley prints. All this artsy luxury is going to cost top dollar: 710 of them to be exact. But like all classic combos, it is exceedingly worth it. Find them right now at two locations. Yohji Yamamoto (103 Grand St., (212) 966-9066) and Maxfield (8825 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, (310) 274-8800).

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