Market Watch: Teresa Kahres Jewelry

Zandile Blay

For some, love finds them at bar, at a party, or on For me, it came via the U.S Postal Service. It was while checking my daily packages that I ran across a stack of gleaming silver rings. They were so clean and simple in design that I almost looked them over. Almost. The rings were by Brooklyn-based jeweler Teresa Kahres. Kahres' lifelong passion for nature and unique talent for metal-smithing manifest itself in an eclectic collection of bracelets, rings and necklaces. Though she's skilled enough to work with many materials, she's limited her offerings to enamel and silver pieces. The former pays homage to land and sea with pendants made from natural leaves and seashells cast in metal. The latter pays homage to modernity, with an emphasis on stark, jagged slivers. In time, I've become a fan of the entire range, but I remain faithful to the stackable rings which landed in my mailbox several months ago. Find it, and Kahres' complete collection online at Buy it in person at several stores including Legacy (109 Thompson St., (212) 966-4827) or Adorned (376 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, (718) 782-0007). Learn more at

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