Mark Ronson, Tyson Beckford and Costumes Galore: Halloween at the Dream Downtown


Last night, PAPERMAG frequented the Dream Downtown for a few hours on account of the newly opened inn being the hub of the evening's Halloween happenings. First, we finagled our way into the building's first-floor gallery, where Mark Ronson (as a skeleton) spun one of his legendary sets to a crowd of costumed guests including Nur Khan, Byrdie Bell, Alexander Dexter-Jones and Johann Lindenberg. Soon enough, we found ourselves whisked away into the Dream's penthouse bar, where Heidi Klum was throwing her annual all hollow's eve soiree. While Klum and husband Seal arrived unrecognizably as Planet of The Apes-esque primates, we did run into a very jumpy, veryshort Fergie, who may or may not have been dressed as Little Boo Peep as she smiled for pics alongside Patrick McMullan.
One person we couldn't miss was the strikingly handsome Tyson Beckford, who also worked the cameras as he posed for a few fan photos. Where had the male supermodel, who was dressed as a soldier, amalgamated his array of extremely authentic apparel? "I have different parts of the costume from friends who are marines," Beckford told us in between greeting fellow guests. "These are original, real patches!" And is Tyson a fan of trick-or-treaters? "I am! All the little kids on my block know me, and they all try to catch me before I go out," Beckford quipped. He must have the best candy! "I give them money. There's only so many of them, so I give them like a dollar.They love it."
Trick or treat, Tyson! 

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